Gabriella Pasztor

Gabriella Pasztor

Gabi is a qualified senior ARNI/Stroke Survivor Instructor, Kinezio Tape Practitioner and masseuse in the UK.

She has 20 years experience of daily active hospital / Physiotherapy treatments and patients care and Wellness - Spa experience in Hungary. She is a qualified therapist in several fields and works with several techniques. She can also advise you what sort of massages would suit best your needs and how often.

She is a trained and certified professional, who will give you the best treatments at the highest standards. She is a self motivated, hard working and caring individual, who continuously develops her personal and professional skills and her drive and positive attitude is infectious.

Apart from her qualifications and expertise, what Gabi is most proud of are the success stories she achieved with her patients. She has recovered patients who suffered stroke, had a patient with advanced diabetes whose legs were to be amputated due to abscesses and ulcers and with her help and advice, he recovered and still stands on his two feet. These successes are what drive her day by day.

Her patients’ highly regarded testimonies and success stories are available on your request and also can be read on her personal Facebook and Linkedin profiles together with her further qualifications.


Massage Therapies

  • Sport
  • Deep Tissue
  • Hot Stone
  • Thai oil body and foot

Kinezio Tape application

Functional Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors

Gabi is Member of the ARNI Institute ( Associate ), MIRMT ( Full member of the International Register of Massage Therapists ). She also conducts charity activities as a member of the local Rotary Club.