Roza Ferenczi

Roza Ferenczi

Roza graduated as a physiotherapist in 1993. Since then she has worked in leading public hospitals within the UK where she developed a wealth of experience. She currently works in partnership with some of the major insurance providers to deliver outstanding treatments.

Roza has worked closely with world renowned surgeons, specialists and highly qualified physiotherapists to develop extensive skills in the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. She uses manual therapy to mobilize and manipulate joints (Maitland, McKenzie, Cyriax concepts, Mobilization with Movements (Mulligan)). She also does work station assessments. Roza assists her clients with the use of tapes, exercise therapy, different soft tissue techniques such as Myofascial release, soft tissue massage, cross friction massage and trigger point release. She applies acupuncture and electro acupuncture for pain relief and treats myofascial pain and trigger points. Roza also teaches clinical Pilates classes to restore normal stability to muscle control, increase muscle strength, and improve balance and coordination of the body.

She is a member of the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists), the AACP (Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) and is an accredited member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and The Society of Orthopedic Medicine.

She uses a wide range of highly successful techniques to treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions, with a special interest in spinal conditions.

Her patients feel at ease in her company and her treatment manner is widely regarded as outstanding. The outcomes of her treatments are great, reaching a 50-70 % improvement rate after the first session in most cases, giving you the chance to return to your normal daily activities quickly. The treatment has a positive impact on the physical and mental state of her patients.