What Is A Sport Massage Good For, Anyway?

  sport massage, massage

When hearing about a new form of therapy or activity, the human mind starts to produce questions. What is it? What is it good for? Can it help me? Can it hurt me? This is no different in the case of…

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Advice For The In Home

  neck pain, back pain, advice

Housework taxes the body with a vengeance. Lifting bags, children, carrying heavy objects, moving furniture, bending in unnatural angles to sweep up, mop or vacuum, the potential sources of back, muscle…

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Pilates For Weight Loss

  Pilates, Yoga, Back pain, Fittnes

Pilates is gaining popularity as a system of light exercise that can help you with toning your body, maintaining your…

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What Is A Workstation Assessment?

  Workstation assessment, dse workstation assessment

A workplace assessment is something that most people have, in general, no idea of. Although this is a potentially important thing to know about, as it can prevent injuries…

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