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Sweat it out: Is hot exercise a smart idea?

  sweat, work out, healthy

When you have just started to exercise and you feel like you are already swimming in the puddle of you own sweat after the first 20 minutes of an aerobic class, it seems like a very…

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Boosting productivity at work may be simple: Stand up

  work, stand up, sitting, back pain

Unfortunately in today’s modern world, most of us spend most of our days slumped over a computer desk at work and our evenings bent over looking at our devices. There is very little…

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The ideal workplace environment


The structure and facilities of an office can have a huge impact not only on the quality of the workload done, but also on one's health. A lot of office workers suffer from back pain,…

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Health and economic impact of occupational health services by Meng Kin Lim, MPH 1*

  HR, workstation assessment

Lim MK. Health and economic impact of occupational health services. SJWEH Suppl 2005;no 1:38–42. 

The benefits…

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What Is A Workstation Assessment pt. II

  Workplace Assessments

A workplace assessment is something that most people have, in general, no idea of. Although this is a potentially important thing to know about, as it can prevent injuries and pathological…

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