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Advice For The In Home

Housework taxes the body with a vengeance. Lifting bags, children, carrying heavy objects, moving furniture, bending in unnatural angles to sweep up, mop or vacuum, the potential sources of back, muscle and tendon pain are virtually limitless. As many of these tasks need to be repeated daily, it is small wonder that old grannies complain of back and hip pain.

The Solution

These pains are preventable, with an occasional massage. If you feel like your back or neck, shoulders, or any other tendons are stiffening up, perhaps it is time to visit a masseuse. A masseuse will help you by redirecting blood flow to the affected areas, before they stiffen up or atrophy. Chronic, nagging pains can also be cured, as nerves also benefit from the stimulation that a good massage can give them.

Your muscles will also be strengthened from being massaged, and become stronger, with more adequate blood flow, and they will be more capable of lifting and work in general. There are also some great exercises you can do to prevent the back pains from becoming worse, or from becoming a chronic condition. Most of these are not tiring at all, they just require the muscle itself to be active and for the blood to go and flow through the affected area. Weights can be supplemented by household items that are comfortably heavy; heavy enough to feel being lifted, but not heavy enough to require you to strain yourself when doing a curl, for example. Bottles of water are perfect for these light exercises, and can serve as a hydration tool, as well!

What To Do With Back Pain

For existing conditions, however, massage is needed, as exercise can put strain on a ligament, tendon or muscle that is badly warped or contorted. The given tissue or organ will need to first be nursed back to health with the relaxing help of sports massage, and only afterwards can it be strengthened. Before starting any exercises, you should consult with your physician, as they will know enough about your physiology to be able to advise you on the best course of action to take for you, and what exercises you should or shouldn’t pursue.

Just remember, you do not have to live with back pain, it can be lifted off of your shoulders!