Back Pain At Work

Depending on what kind of work you have, you will most likely experience back pain at one point or another. Almost all jobs require a set of repetitive motions to be performed, and this can cause anywhere from moderate to severe back pain. Luckily, there is relief from back pain, and there are several things you can do to minimize your risk of severe lower back pain, compressed nerves in the back, sports injuries, and stiffness of the back as well as shoulder and neck pains and sciatica, or pains of the sciatic nerve.

Physical labor

There are typical problems associated with physical labor, like herniated discs and other problems. Many times the back pain is due form the muscles being over exerted, and the nerves in the spine being compressed form having to flex muscles and lift objects. The lower back can suffer extremely in these cases, as this is where most of the nerves are located and they will start to hurt from being compressed and from having extra weight on them.

Factory work

Doing the same exact movements over and over again in the same way will cause your ligaments and your joints to wear out and get ruined. Factory work usually requires an individual to perform the exact same set of movements for 8 hours each day, which is quite a significant amount of time, and is plenty enough to sustain a repetitive motion injury; this is an injury that is due to repeating a motion over and over again. Ligaments and tendons do eventually snap and break, and joints fail as well when they become too worn out.

Office work

Usually thought of as nice cushy jobs that most of the middle class aspires towards, office jobs actually wreak havoc on your back, because, as it turns out, human spines are not designed to be seated for 8 hours a day, and react quite badly to being forced to being in this situation. Upper back problems and neck pain are also very typical of work involving staring at screens and typing on keyboards.


You can get quick and easy back pain relief and also prevent back pain before it occurs. Physio medicine is designed to accommodate the backs of any and all workers, regardless of what kind of job is causing them back pain. Massage can loosen up knotted muscles and can realign your back so that your nerves can go back to their original position.Physical therapy can help you with more severe problems and more chronic back pain, and this may require you to perform exercises for back pain, which will relax your muscles and compensate the movements that you have to perform at work that stresses your back.


By going with you to work and performing work place assessments, physical therapists can make your work station more ergonomic, and find ways for you to perform your duty without ruining your back. By getting physical therapy early on, you can stop problems from becoming too severe, and you can also stop injuries from manifesting due to repetitive motion stress by treating the problem in time, and by changing the movement or movements that are causing your problems. Talk to one of our expert physical therapists and see what physio medicine can do for you! Your back will thank you for it!