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Benefits of lemon water

There are several reasons why you should always have lemons at home. They are not only very rich in Vitamin C, but will also help cleanse the acidic built-up in the body, stimulate proper stomach acid and bile production, fasten digestion.

Citrus-flavoured water has been known for its health benefits ever since ancient Rome, but new evidences proving its further benefits have just begun to surface within health and fitness circles.

Proven benefits

  • Lemon water is insanely inexpensive to make.

  • It aids in digestion. Lemon water not only helps healthy digestion, but it is also efficient in removing the toxic substances. It is also an excellent solution for heartburn, bloating and several digestive disorders

  • Detoxification. Through its effect of stimulating the liver, lemon water will increase and fasten the elimination process of toxins from the body.

  • The antioxidants in lemon water can help reduce the number of pimples, as well as the wrinkles’. Due to its detoxification effect, it will help maintain the beauty and smooth touch of skin. It is also useful for preventing scars or age spots.

  • Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning gives the body a chance to absorb the Vitamin C and Potassium contained in the lemon the most effectively. It will provide the immune system with a useful boost.

  • Recent studies have shown people who maintain a more alkaline diet lose weight faster. Therefore drinking a big cup of lukewarm lemon water first thing in the morning should be an important part of your diet and daily exercise routine. Lemons are also high in pectin fibre, which will help you fight hunger cravings during the day.

How to make the perfect lemon water

  1. Go straight to the kitchen after waking up and pour a glass of lukewarm water for yourself. Do not use boiling water, as it will destroy some of the enzymatic properties of the fresh lemon juice.

  2. Cut a lemon in half. Don’t use bottled lemon juice. If you weigh less than 65 kg use only half a lemon. If you weigh more or trying to lose weight, use the whole lemon.

  3. Squeeze the juice of the lemon directly into your glass of water. Always avoid using sweeteners.

  4. Drink and repeat at least every morning. You can also drink lemon water during the day, whenever you feel needed.

Making sure your body is well-hydrated during the day is very important, although if you want to drink more than 3 decilitres (12 ounces) of lemon water a day, it is best to drink it gradually over time, since it will accelerate body detoxification.

It is advised to drink lemon water at least 15-30 minutes before a meal to get the most energy and nutrients. It is also very important to thoroughly wash your teeth an hour after, as the acid in lemon juice can erode tooth enamel, making your teeth sensitive and more prone to cavities.

Other flavoured waters

You don’t have to worry about getting sick of lemon water; you can always use different ingredients. Adding different fruits and herbs to your water will not only help include the essential vitamins and minerals in your daily intake, but will also help you to drink your daily recommended water intake.

Here are some of the classic and most popular flavoured water ideas that will provide different health benefits to your body and mind:

  • Cucumber and lemongrass water

  • Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry water

  • Watermelon and mint water

  • Lime and basil water