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Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain is a condition that many of us live with that we assume is just a part of growing older, and accept it as an unpleasant necessity, kind of like going bald, digesting slower, a sort of gross, middle aged puberty. But back pain is in no way innate to human nature or inevitable. It is unpleasant, unnecessary and can be dealt with easily! 

Causes of back pain

The reason we have back pain may basically be summed up easily; we have ti because the nerves in our spine, which is our central nervous system are being irritated or pressed upon. Our backs are particularly sensitive once you get behind the muscle layer, and you can find all of the nerves there. This is why back pain and stiffness can affect the entire body and cause pain everywhere. But why the nerves are pressed upon is a question of some import.
Improper posture

Your spine is a double “s” shaped bone. It runs from your neck to your butt, and in below a whole sheet of muscle and other tissues that can also press on it. If you slouch frequently, or have to sit frequently, you will be pressing down on the nerve pathways, and they are more likely to become damaged hurt, or twisted in a way as to hurt when you try to do certain movements. The muscles can also grow in a way from frequent sitting and slouching that they will press the nerves, and can even inflame them.

Repetitive movement stress

If you do the same motion all day, you will notice over time that while the muscles may learn to adjust to the task and make it simpler and less demanding, the nerves will frequently og ot ruin. This is because they are overused, doing the same thing over and over again, and will start to deteriorate and be used up. They will cause quite a bit of pain before they go, too, and may even cause quite severe things like lumbago to occur.
Improper alignment

Amazingly small problems, like crooked teeth, bad posture, and walking with a limp can build up over time to really start to get at your back and neck. If your body is not properly aligned and not kept in proper posture, you may experience some quite severe, unintended consequences. When you step and your feet aren’t aligned, or if your back is constantly in a not straight position, it will end up hurting the sensitive nerves in your back, causing all kinds of pain in the back and quite possibly the neck as well.

Alleviation vs prevention

At Physio Medicine, we understand that you need pain relief, but that this is only a short term goal and cannot be the entirety of a cure. While we know that alleviation of pain, stiffness and discomfort is necessary immediately to make sure that you can go on with your life and complete your job, we also know that unless we change something about the way you handle your body, our cure will only be a short relief. This is why we seek to alleviate pain at our sessions with the aid of a masseuse, a chiropractor or a physical therapist, and get you back in shape, but we also handle work station assessments, we can give classes and help build muscle if it is necessary. Once we see what is wrong, we can help prevent the same problems from recurring in the future, and that is what medicine really is all about; not just treating symptoms but treating problems, which frequently means getting to the root of the problem and eliminating it altogether.