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Common Causes Of Back Pain 1

Back pain can be the result of a trauma or of a genetic problem, perhaps a recursion of an old wound. But these instances, as unlucky as they may be, are among the less mysterious problems. The usual constant, nagging back pain that most people experience on a regular basis is caused by things that they do not know, and are perplexing, irritating and difficult to cure; after all, how do you cure something that you do not understand? In this article, we shall be talking about the usual causes of back pain that are not apparent at first sight, and that are not caused by an apparent problem, or by a given injury. Here are the minor causes of major back pain.

What causes back pain?

A single minor injury or abnormality in the anatomy of your back can be causing you to experience constant back pain, or just back pain in certain positions, typically when you lie down or assume a given position where the area is affected. A slipped disc is one of the most common reasons for this sort of pain. The spine is surrounded by a fibrous soft outer ring that holds the vertebrae and the discs that are between them in place. When this outer ring bursts, you do not feel a thing as there are no nerve endings in the outer layer, but the discs in between your vertebrae will protrude out, and the vertebrae will touch slightly, causing back pain. This is what is meant by a herniated disc, and is a major source of back pain.

Your lifestyle may also be causing back pain. If you have to take up positions every day because of your work or profession that cause your back to contort in given ways, then you may experience back pain on a given area of your back. These contortions may cause the nerves to be pinched or otherwise damaged, causing back pain, and they may also cause the muscle to be torn, damaged or contorted, which is also painful. The blood flow to your back can also be disturbed because the capillaries in your back may not be able to pump blood to the necessary places. If you perform sedentary work, or if you have to do a repetitive motion for your job, you can have these problems.

Solutions to back pain

Back pain is not a necessary part of life, it is not a given, you can do something against it. If you have a herniated disc, you can seek the comfort of physical therapy to put your disc back in place, although if the outer layer is too far gone, you may need to receive surgery to correct the problem, after which physical medicine will treat your back. Sports massage can help reallocate blood to places that have begun to atrophy and can also un-pinch the nerves, setting the nerves straight. Chiropractic intervention may be necessary if the repetitive motion or constant sitting has caused skeletal deformities. We at physio-medicine offer all of the above.

Workplace assessment

The easiest and safest form of therapy is always prevention. This is why we offer to go to your place of work and se your work station, and assess it. We will watch you work with an eye to your back and your spine, and set the workplace up so that it is ergonomic, and that you can continue your work without ruining your back or suffering a hernia. Ask us about our work station assessments!