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Common Causes Of Back Pain 2

Back pain can be the result of a trauma or of a genetic problem, perhaps a recursion of an old wound. But these instances, as unlucky as they may be, are among the less mysterious problems. The usual constant, nagging back pain that most people experience on a regular basis is caused by things that they do not know, and are perplexing, irritating and difficult to cure; after all, how do you cure something that you do not understand? In this article, we shall be talking about the usual causes of back pain that are not apparent at first sight, and that are not caused by an apparent problem, or by a given injury. Here are the minor causes of major back pain.

Lower back pain

Many people experience not the pain of a slipped disc but the nagging constant irritation of lower back pain. This sort of pain is called lumbago in medical terms, and can be caused either by muscle or by skeletal abnormalities. Many times, it is just a slipped disc in the lower back, meaning the disc between two vertebrae has popped out and the vertebrae are touching. Other problems may include a pinched nerve, and this is very common, as the lower back is constantly under pressure and is constantly affected by the pressures of daily life. Anytime you lift something, the lower back is affected, and every time you bend over or lean over, the lower back is used. The lower back becomes pinched every time you sit down, as the weight of the top of your body lowers onto it. The muscles in your lower back may also be compressed, causing an inadequate flow of blood, causing pain from atrophy.

Neck pain and shoulder pain

People rarely realize that the neck and the shoulders are also connected to the spine, and improper posture and cause pain in the neck, jaw, head and shoulders as well. Your headaches and your debilitating neck and back problems can all be caused by improper posture, sitting all day, or form repetitive stress injury. Repetitive stress injury is when you do the same movements frequently, like at work or with a sport, and the nerves, muscles, bones and other anatomical parts that help you in the movement at hand can become damaged or worn out by making the same movement all the time.

Solutions to lower back pain and neck pain, shoulder pain

Physical therapy, sports massage and in severe cases chiropractic intervention is the solution to all of the above mentioned problems. Neck pain solutions generally involve massage and a smoothing out of the nerve pathways, although sometimes physical therapy is needed to reactivate atrophied neck muscles. Lower back pain is usually dealt with through sports massage and physical therapy, as there are a lot of  nerves and some very serious muscle and bone growth in that part of the body, and often pinched nerves and other problems need to be deal with by physical therapy.

Workplace assessment

The easiest and safest form of therapy is always prevention. This is why we offer to go to your place of work and se your work station, and assess it. We will watch you work with an eye to your back and your spine, and set the workplace up so that it is ergonomic, and that you can continue your work without ruining your back or suffering a hernia. Ask us about our work station assessments!