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How to choose the perfect mattress

People who suffer from back or lower back pain can often trace the root of their problem to a bad mattress. Considering how important good sleep is to overall health, the mattress should be the first thing to check when someone starts to suffer from such pains. So if you are sleeping on an old, shaggy mattress with a visible hollow in the middle, you should definitely consider buying a new one because your old mattress might be contributing to your discomfort.

Try before you buy – one bed does not suit all

A new mattress can mean a world of difference but keep in mind that there is no such thing as a universal best mattress. Rather we should label it a ‘supportive and comfortable one.’

A common mistake that people make is thinking the firmer the bed the better––this is not always true. Your bed should not be too hard or too soft. While a firm mattress is usually good, if the mattress is too hard it can cause aches and pains in pressure points, such as the hips. Patients who have inflammation of the bursa over their hips can be especially sensitive to aches from a mattress that is too firm.

If you are lying on your side, your spine should be parallel to the mattress and the mattress should not sag or bow. People who sleep in such position––with pressure points at their hips and shoulders pressed against the mattress––may also feel more sensitive to a firmer mattress.

The longer you can spend lying on a mattress before you buy it, the more accurate this feeling will be. Your weight, your body type and sleeping habits should also affect your ideal choice. Take your time and test things out. Narrow down your choices to two or three and then spend plenty of time lying on these mattresses in your normal sleeping positions. The key is to spend as much time as possible making your selection and take your partner with you to make sure the choice suits both of you.

The most popular mattress choices

Innerspring, or coil, type mattress is probably the most common version of mattress. And while innerspring mattresses have been around since the early 1900s, they have changed radically in the last 10-15 years. There are plenty of innerspring mattress choices on the market, but keep in mind that more coils does not necessarily equal more comfort. There is not a direct correlation between price and comfort. However, avoid the cheapest innerspring mattresses, as there may not be enough springs and cushion to provide adequate support. The firmer versions of this type of mattress can be good for people suffering from back pain.

Memory foam mattresses are not made solely of memory foam. They are in fact layered mattresses. Memory foam was originally developed for use by NASA engineers, to help pilots and astronauts absorb the shock of G-forces and vibrations. They have a firmer, high density stiffer at their core and it takes a few minutes to adapt to the shape of the body. However, since it does this by reacting to body heat, one criticism of memory foam mattresses is that they can be uncomfortably warm.

The third type of mattresses is latex foam mattress. Made from natural or synthetic rubber, latex mattresses provide very firm, bouncy support to the body. Unlike memory foam, latex pushes back, and therefore, may offer added support. A latex mattress––or latex mattress topper––can be great for soothing back pain, as it delivers a unique combination of comfort and support. Latex, however, may not be the right option for you if you do not like the feel of snoozing on a pretty firm surface.

Air beds look like an innerspring mattress, but use air-filled chambers rather than coils. They are then covered by a foam layer on top. Air beds are often used in hospitals where alleviating pressure points and maintaining good circulation of the blood are crucial. Air mattresses distribute weight a little differently from foam or coil mattresses, making them a good choice for back pain sufferers, especially when all else has failed. These types of air beds have been widely used for patients with spinal-cord injuries who can not move for long periods. The firmness on each side of these beds can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Get enough sleep

As an overall rule, any mattress that helps a person sleep well, so that he or she wakes feeling rested and refreshed, and without pain and stiffness, is the best mattress for that individual. No matter what type of surface you sleep on, it is crucial to remember that in order to feel refreshed and recharged, you must get enough rest. No bed is going to save you or your back if you are not sleeping enough during the night.

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