knee surgery

Knee Surgery Recovery

The success of any surgery depends as much on the actual procedure a son patient cooperation in the healing period afterwards. Post op instructions are to be followed to the letter, and this will safeguard a return to full health and vitality, as much as the surgery allows for. Surgeries of joints like the neck, spine or knee are a very complicated, because these parts will be used no matter what the setting is. With knee surgery, the obvious problem is that the joints need to not be stressed, but knees are there for walking, and walking will stress the knees. Lying in a hospital bed will make sure that the joints fuse back up, but afterwards, the knees need to be strengthened to help them fulfil their function in the wake of knee arthroplasty.

What to do after surgery

The most important thing is to allow your knee to heal and take it easy. It will not be as good as it used to be right after knee surgery, and your knee will need time to readjust and to strengthen itself. Diet is extremely important; eat lots of dairy and tons of protein, to give your body a chance to make the necessary parts that go in the knee. Aside from this, train your knee; go on short walks around the house, and move your knee around to make sure that adequate blood flow is maintained. The third and crucial step is to go to physical therapy regularly.

Physical therapy after knee surgery

A physical therapist will know what to do with your knee and where the limits of it are. This is good because that means that a more rigorous workout may be given, one that will nurse your knee back to full health quickly, but knowing the limits also means that the workout will not cause damage, something that is a frequent problem with sports fans and athletes. The physical therapy and massage will make sure that:

- The knee is strengthened and ready to perform its tasks as soon as possible, without the aid of a walking stick or crutches
- Any blood clots or anything else is found in time, and if possible is broken up and rubbed away
- That adequate blood flow through the capillaries returns to the affected knee, aiding in the intake of nutrients as well as in the healing process
- That at home regimens of safe and easy therapeutical stretches and movements is given, giving you the option to heal yourself.

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