Sciatic Nerve

Lower Back Pain Relief

Back pain is the number one cause of stress and unhappiness once you are middle aged. The second one hot on it sheals is tooth decay, and both have the common link of being very easy to relieve, and very easy to prevent, but the nasty little buggers inevitably show up again and again. This kind of recurring back pain can really make life a lot more difficult, and can only be ignored for so long before it gets so bad that you simply cannot ignore it, and sometimes, a nerve will be damaged or trapped and pinched, and this will cause immense pain and may cause you to be completely seized up and frozen, unable to move or very limited in your ability to move.

This article will be about the problems that can occur on your lower back.

The Sciatic Nerve

The main nerve that goes through your buttocks and up your spine is the sciatic nerve. It is a nerve with 5 roots, branching off directly from the sacral plexus, the point in the spine where most nerves are located, and splits into two main branches, the tibial nerve, and the common fibular nerve, and through them it goes into the feet, all the way down to the soles of the foot, and also the hip, the lumbar region, and the lower back. This nerve tends to get into uite  bit of trouble and is the nerve most likely to get inflamed or otherwise hurt, as there is lots of pressure and tons of muscle and other tissues that press down on the nerve.

Pain in the lower back

Lower back pain on the left side is always caused by some kind of inflammation of the sciatic nerves. Lower back pain on the right side can be caused from organ damage that radiates into the sciatic nerves, and causes pain there. In both cases, it is quite possible that the structures of the lower back and the base of the spine are somehow warped or changed, and are putting too much pressure on the lower back. It may also be the case that the nerve is inflamed from being used all the time and from being exerted too much or for too long at one time, or simply from being compressed all the time. This will also cause pain in the lower back, and can be cured easily, but if you do not try to do some lower back exercises, you can damage your nerve and be left with permanent lower back pain.

Back pain treatment

Physical exercises, including physical therapy and chiropractic medicine, as well as living a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise can revive your painful back, and can stop permanent lower back pain from materializing. Avoid repetitive movements, and if you must do them for your work, make sure that you use your muscles and not your ligaments or bones to lift, move and otherwise handle things.