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Pilates for expectant Mothers

Is it safe to do pilates while I'm pregnant?

The short answer is: yes. Pilates exercises are a great tool to stay active during pregnancy. If the expectant mother does not have a high-risk pregnancy she is not simply allowed to do pilates but also highly recommended to do so. Unless your doctor advises otherwise there is no reason not to take part in a healthy and relaxing pilates workout.

More and more women listen to the qualified instructors who believe that pilates workout is one of the greatest exercises to be practiced during pregnancy and after giving birth. Pilates exercises help strengthen the deep posture muscles, pelvic floor, hips and spine which contributes to an easier childbirth. Regular workouts reduce and fix posture problems, back and lower back pain and, last but not least can help women to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. It is preferred to wait until the 2nd trimester to begin pilates exercises. If in doubt consult your doctor or midwife.

The benefits of pilates

Pilates is a perfect form of exercise for pregnant women. Pilates workouts improve fitness level and posture, invigorate blood circulation and boost your metabolism. The exercises strengthen the immune system, enhance your sense of balance and it is also a superb stress reliever. During pregnancy pilates is one of the most effective methods of overcoming sleep problems, curing leg cramps, treating varicose veins and incontinence.

Pilates instructors prepare the expectant mothers for the post pregnancy period as well. When it comes to breastfeeding it is all about position –– for the mother and the baby. With the help of pilates exercises it is crucial to improve movement skills and to fix posture problems during pregnancy. Strengthening the arms and shoulders is also important due to the fast growing baby.

Low-impact pilates workouts are typically easier on the body, especially you joints, and can be a great form of physical activity while reducing the risk of injury. Fortunately, the majority of the exercises can be modified in accordance with the expectant mothers’ needs. It is very important because in this period a lot of physiological changes occur that can not be ignored during the pilates workout. This is why it is advisable to visit our small sized pilates lessons, especially if you are new to pilates. Here you can get a clear picture of what practices are safe to do and what is to be avoided during pregnancy.

If you are practicing pilates on a regular basis you will have more energy and it keeps you fit. Good company and relaxed atmosphere helps to improve physical fitness, emotional and spiritual well-being. Pilates can reduce pain and it contributes to an easier and shorter childbirth.

Staying physically active during pregnancy is especially important for those with gestational diabetes but doing pilates can help lower blood pressure and many cardiovascular risk factors, too. Expectant mothers who exercise during their pregnancies gain significantly less excess weight, and certain exercises help to firm up their breast shape and other problematic areas –– not just during pregnancy but after giving birth as well.

Pilates exercises improve venous drainage and overall circulation therefore they are very effective in treating varicose veins and swelling of the leg. Pilates strengthens the deep posture muscles, and improves both mobility and balance.

The various controlled breathing techniques you master during the pilates exercises raise breathe awareness and help prepare for childbirth. There is a specific bond between exercise and self-esteem. Following a good pilates lesson you will feel the positive effects through the rise in feel-good endorphins and the decrease in the stress-related hormone called cortisol. A pilates workout brings relief to sufferers of depression and anxiety, suggests you effective relaxation techniques and improves the quality of sleep.

Quality over quantity

The Pilates method has always emphasized quality over quantity. If you follow the instructions as precisely as you can the exercises provide you an ideal preparation for the body before labour and play an important role in physical and mental recovery after giving birth.

There are so many benefits of a reasonably structured pilates class that if you have time and opportunity we would recommend you to join one of our pilates classes by booking an appointment today.