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Pilates For Weight Loss

Pilates is gaining popularity as a system of light exercise that can help you with toning your body, maintaining your health through regular exercise, upping your strength and helping you get in touch with the inner needs of your body. But is Pilates useful in helping you lose weight?

Does Pilates Help With Weight Loss?

Every form of physical activity helps in losing weight. This is because the body burns fat when we move about. Pilates is an activity that makes you sweat, involves control of muscles and helps build muscles to a certain degree (it is not the primary function of Pilates to build muscle, though!). This means that it is a good technique to use, along with a healthy and balanced diet, to lose weight. 

One of the main ideas behind Pilates is that of the “powerhouse”. This idea states that in order to use the technique adequately, you need to build up a strong core, one that is well toned, powerful and able to exert energy. By making your core more powerful, you will lose a lot of excess fat that you do not need, and your body will become more toned.

The best idea is to use Pilates for its main purpose; to improve your overall physical and mental health, and to gain a more positive and healthy relationship to your body. Aside from this, try eating less carbs, less fat, and more vegetables, as well as getting plenty of cardio workouts. A change of physical structure requires a change of heart as well, and a change of lifestyle too!