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Pilates VS Yoga

For those who are looking for a way to incorporate meaningful exercise that is not too demanding in to their lives, the options abound. Going to the gym may become expensive, not to mention boring, and there may be limits to what sorts of equipment you have access to. To combine regular exercise with a fun activity, now there is a challenge that is worth meeting, and if you do not have the physique or ambition to start a sport, the two options you can go for that have been proven to be effective are yoga and pilates. Let’s look at both of them, what they are good for, and how you can benefit from both of them.


Yoga is an ancient form of meditation through stances, postures and exercise developed in India, and it has been around for thousands of years. The many different practices of yoga, as there are many, are meant to be practiced along spiritual practices as well, to harmonize the body with the mind, and create a healthier environment for both. The exercise itself usually involves bending and stressing, and holding positions for prolonged periods of time, thus challenging your body into doing things that they do not usually do, this way toning and helping your body remain healthy.


Pilates is a system of workouts that has been developed in the early twentieth century by a German physical education student, who later on became a teacher. It is centered around the philosophy that a strong core (including the stomach and torso, but also including the shoulders and the thighs as well) is necessary, and most exercises start at the core and have the momentum of each movement flow outward from the core through the limbs. The original Pilates exercises were mostly mat exercises using small, controlled movements of the body. The idea of control and of intense concentration to every aspect of every movement is the basis of the Pilates method. Usually only very small movements agree made, and through repetitive mat exercises, the core is strengthened and an adequate flow of energy is restored, leading to a healthy body. Pilates also relies heavily on the use of specialized tools and gadgets to create force that you must endure or create a counter force to.

A Comparison

If you are looking for a holistic approach that is easy on you, but has the power to keep you healthy, yoga is probably the better option. If you are looking to improve your concentration on your body, and feel like you have lost touch with your body and feel numb, Pilates is probably a better option. Truth to be told, these two are just different approaches to the same thing; becoming healthy both physically and mentally. The thing they have in common as opposed to sports in general is that they both believe that a healthy mind can only live in a healthy body, and vice versa, that a healthy mind is a prerequisite to a healthy mind. So really the question is which one you think will be easier for you to acquire.