Recipe of the perfect relaxation

For the perfectly refreshing sleep, you need the proper pillow and mattress in order to avoid neck- and back pain.

In our fast-paced world we need to learn the importance of a good night's sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, it is going to affect your day as well as your night. A troubled night can cause mental and physical problems as well. Mentally you will not be well-rested enough to reach your best potential, while physically you will face distracting and unpleasant pains that might last for days in your back and neck.

These pains are not uncommon, back pain affects about 80% of people at some point during their lives. Instead of relying on medications to get rid of the symptoms that cause you trouble during the night and the following days, you should invest in an orthopedic mattress and a properly bolstered pillow that help to sleep and stop the unnerving pains.

If you invest in an orthopedic mattress ā€“ that is a mattress with a firmer spring-, you will help your spine keep its natural double ā€žsā€ shape, while supporting every inch and every curve of your spinal structure. A properly manufactured mattress allows the proper alignment of each of your vertebra. The best mattresses are the ones with memory padding, that molds to your body and adjusts itself to the curves and pressure points of your body, with the core of the mattress providing support.

Bolstered pillows are long, narrow cushions, intended for firm back support. Smaller bolster pillows placed under the neck can relieve neck strain, larger pillows put under the knees can relieve lower back pains. They can be used to find the most comfortable and healthy sleeping position, as well as for various activities around the house, such as reading or watching television.

Instead of sleeping on the wrong mattress that can cause lower back pain or worsen the pain you already suffer from, choose a comfortable and supporting mattress that saves you from poor sleeping postures, strained muscles, and spinal misalignments.
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