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A Common Sports Injury

Sports injuries are quite common. Here is a typical scenario:

Take a person, any person, who does not have the time to do sports on a regular basis, because they work for a living, and area professional. This person would like to get out, but simply does not have the time, commute is too long, work is too hard, life is too demanding. And then Labor day weekend comes around, and old high school buddy Joe says, “hey, wanna go toss the pigskin?”

This sounds like the best idea on earth, just what is needed! Activity that will refresh and replenish, moving around in the open air, oh God, when do we start? Some rounds go down, pigskin is tossed, until Joe goes long, our fictional person throws, and at that very moment the shoulder feels like it straight up exploded. He falls to the ground, covered in a cold sweat feeling like its all over. The worst has happened: our fictional character has just suffered a sports injury. 

Causes Of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are caused, most of the time, by making a wrong move, or a move too hard too fast, which causes a tear, a dislocation, or a jamming or a violent stretch which will then leave you hurt, aching, and possibly with irreversible damage. If you are no longer used to sports, and have not played in a while, make sure you stretch and prepare your body for doing something that it is simply not used to doing. If you did not do stretches before going to do a sports activity, especially a rigorous one, there is a pretty high chance that you will suffer a sports injury, as your body is not used to and is unprepared for this activity you are going to be doing. The older the person is, the more true this becomes.

Prevention And Solutions

When it comes to any sort of accidental occurrence, the most important thing to talk about is prevention. As no one suffers from an accident on purpose (unless you act in Jackass), you need to maximize your likelihood of avoiding an accident. This can be done in the case of sports injuries by doing stretches, having appropriate gear, and by easing yourself into the activity you are doing.

But if injuries do happen, the thing to do is to get physical therapy afterwards. This will rehabilitate your sports injury, and afterwards, you can go back and have a massage on the regular, to make sure that your muscles are not atrophied and that you will be ready for your next annual sports activity and not suffer an injury.