The ideal workplace environment

The structure and facilities of an office can have a huge impact not only on the quality of the workload done, but also on one's health. A lot of office workers suffer from back pain, muscle soreness, or sudden onsets of the cold.

In order to get rid of the pain, and prevent it happening in the first place, it is extremely important to have access to the proper workplace furniture. A properly holstered, but not rigid office chair supports your spine and your back muscles, while its wheels give you flexibility and the ability to move around your desk. However, keep in mind, you need to get up at least once every hour, in order to keep your muscles working, as well as giving your eyes a little rest from the monitors. So stand up, move around a bit, take a walk in the office or to the cafeteria, you can also try some yoga poses in your office chair. It will help your back, and your mind as well. Give yourself 5-10 minutes every hour to settle your mind and move your body.

Apart from back pain, another common office-illness is having a cold in the middle of summer. Unfortunately, most offices tend to overheat during the winter months, then use a little too much air conditioning during summertime. The main problem is, that everyone tolerates heat differently, some boil during the winter months, and tend to open the windows, making the others in the office freeze and catch a cold. Others have problem with the cool breeze of the air-con, catching a cold during the office hours. The ideal heat of the office should be around 20 °C during the summer and the winter months as well, however, if the thermostat can be manually switched from the office, this is hardly the case.

In order to remain mentally and physically healthy while working in an office, try your best to exercise a bit during your working hours, try to meditate if you feel tired or stressed out, and maybe create your own micro-climate with airy and comfortable clothes or a small heater if you feel too cold or too hot in the office.