Trapped Nerve In Lower Back

Nerves can become pinched, squeezed, things can grow unto them, they can be caught or trapped under or between something(s) as well. That’s a lot of trouble it can get into, and absolutely every single one of those situations is extremely painful. These kinds of back problems fall under the heading of fibromyalgia in the medical vocabulary, “fibro” meaning fibrous tissues, and “myalgia” being the greek and latin word for chronic pain. Nerve damage and crippling pain can result if you do not get it treated. This sort of fibromyalgia can get so bad that you cannot straighten your back, you cannot stand up or sometimes even get out of bed. Often times the patient will freeze and be locked into a given sort of position, with very little ability to move, and only a very small range of movements available, the rest being entirely too painful to even attempt. The lower back is one of the places where the sciatic nerve, one of the main nerves going through the body, is most likely to get trapped, causing intense pain and a reduced ability to move.


This sudden fibromyalgia of the lower back can be caused by even the smallest movement. A sudden movement, no matter how small, can really mess up your nerves, who may not know what is coming and be entirely unprepared , causing a sudden injury or an over working of the nerves, causing them to lock, and your back to lock on along with it. This condition can last for months at a time, and can be recurring, lingering and causing pain forever after the initial problem has occured. Here’s what you can do about it.

How to stop back pain

Physical therapy is very important in getting rid of fibromyalgia and lower back pain, and recovery is not possible without this key treatment type. Basically, you either take the time to massage and rewire the nerve pathways, and relax the muscle that may or may not be totally clenched up without any hope of letting up. after this you can ease the nerves back into health, and live a pain free life once again, but it will take a lot of physiotherapy, training and may even require the expert help of a chiropractor. Contact us and we can help you get your life back, a life free from the pain and limitations of fibromyalgia.