Upper Back Pain Relief

Back pain is the number one cause of stress and unhappiness once you are middle aged. The second one hot on it sheals is tooth decay, and both have the common link of being very easy to relieve, and very easy to prevent, but the nasty little buggers inevitably show up again and again. This kind of recurring back pain can really make life a lot more difficult, and can only be ignored for so long before it gets so bad that you simply cannot ignore it, and sometimes, a nerve will be damaged or trapped and pinched, and this will cause immense pain and may cause you to be completely seized up and frozen, unable to move or very limited in your ability to move.

This article will be about the problems that can occur on your upper back.

Pain in the upper back

Although much rarer than lower back pain, pain in the upper back is not all that uncommon, and with today’s lifestyle, it is a more and more frequent occurrence. Pain is usually found in the lumbar region and the sacral region of the spine, as this is where most of the nerves in our body stem form, and where most of the muscles press down on. But pain in the upper back does exist, and can be cured.

Pain that is not in the lumbar region is usually classified as neck pain, pain in the shoulder blades, and pain in the midback. The mid back region can be a result of a number of things, and can indicate problems with the organs, but pain in the neck, the shoulder blades and the directly underneath this region are usually linked.

Upper back pain can be caused by dysfunctions of the spine, the nerves in the spine, the back muscles, the bones themselves, the ligaments in the neck and the many joints that are in the spine. There can be many causes, including bad posture, repetitive motion stress, improper alignment of neck, jaws and teeth which can cause altered chewing habits, which in turn cause pain in the jaws, neck and ultimately the back as well. Pain can radiate to and from different organs and nodules of nerves; the same misalignment can cause head, back and neck pains, and can radiate from the shoulders to the arms and fingers, and also to the head as well.

Upper back pain treatment

Pain in the upper back is usually easier to handle than lower back pain. Massage can be very effective at aligning neural pathways, and of clearing up the problem of muscles and joints,ligaments compressing nerves, which is the main cause of pain. The problem is that while relief is easier to find for upper back pain, and is usually rarer, upper back is more likely to return. This is why physical medicine is frequently needed, and also someone who can teach you how to avoid the movements and the repetitive everyday motions that build up into excruciating upper back pain, overtime. We at physio medicine do just that, and can give you advice on how to avoid living with pain, and how to stop upper back pain before it gets really bad and starts to interfere with your life.