What are the benefits of rest?

Taking time away from your regular 9-to-5 hard-working and precisely scheduled life is very important. Unfortunately, people hardly realise what an important part rest plays in our lives, for all ages. In today’s fast-paced world of 24-hour news cycle, constant connection to each other through social media and endless charging of your devices like mobiles and tablets, most people are just trying to keep up and forget to charge themselves too.  

However, rest, relaxation and sleep should be very significant parts of our lives. They will revitalize your body and mind, and regulate your mood. Meanwhile, not getting enough rest can negatively affect not only your mood and mind, but also your immune system, memory, and can cause considerable amount of stress.

What you can do?

Make time for downtime and meet your non-working self. Modernsurveys show that most people get a sense of identity from their job.  That’s why it is so important to take time away from work and other appointments, and make ‘me time’ a priority. It is especially important when you are feeling stressed and over-burdened, to stop, put your feet up and find some time to discover your true self and enjoy the things you truly take pleasure in.

Give your mind a break

Rest and sleep aren’t only about resting your body—resting your mind is just as vital. Sometimes when we give our mind a break from certain thoughts for a few hours or days, you will return to it with greater clarity. Sleep is also especially significant for your memory, the lack of it can make it difficult for anyone to concentrate and retain information.

Health benefits of rest

Other health benefits of rest include control over your metabolism and appetite; therefore it helps to keep a healthy weight. Being well rested will also reduce stress levels and improve your overall health. Either you choose passive or active rest, it can also help with motivation and will sharpen your creative abilities.

It will help your social life as well, as it can improve your mood around other people. When rested and relaxed you are more likely to be friendly, instead of snapping at everyone because you’re tired. Your relationships will also become more harmonious and satisfying.


At first you might feel uncomfortable with relaxing and resting in you fast-paced, task-filled and constantly challenging life. But you should never feel useless or lazy because of it. Always remember, the more we combine periods of rest and silence into our daily lives, the bigger the payoff will be – mentally and physically too.