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Testimonial by Leonor Mondata

I have been to previous massage services but this is overall the best. Gabriella is very knowledgeable as regards to what her client needs; she was able to pinpoint immediately where my problem is (shoulder/neck pain for years) and great improvement was felt already after my first session. I was given extra discounted sessions (thank you very much) and my ailments have improved enormously considering I have these pain for years. Gabriella somehow has a different tecnique compared to others I have tried which works. Had it not been for the price, I will continue and I am (just saw the offer ;) The service support is also very good; when I was late due to a traffic incident during; they were very considerate to reschedule me. You are also reminded of your appointment in advance. Overall great service and thank you.

Rating by patient

Testimonial by Remedios Mayo

I suffered from acute back and shoulder pain radiating to my right arm with slight numbness in my right index finger. My GP prescribed Tramadol and it gave me temporary relief from pain. She also advised X-ray and referred me to NHS-physiotherapy. I contacted central booking but I was adviced to wait for their text message in 3 weeks time. I felt there is some urgency in my condition so I decided to look for a private practioner. Through fervent prayers He leads me to PHysioMedicine team headed by Roza Ferenczi. I booked online (Friday night) and Roza contacted me on (Sunday) and booked me (Monday), God's plan is perfect. I was iniatially assess by Gabi and she found out that 'am suffering from nerve impingement which causing my severe back and shoulder pain. She did her best to help me recove r from pain with her professional expertise followed by Roza the following day. I was of course anxious but I will always remember the empowering voice of Roza " trust me we can make you feel better". So I submitted myself totally under the care of Roza and Gabi. After my 6th sessions 'am pain free,happy, and excited to be back in my ADL (activity of daily living). My GP is so impressed with my recovery. People out there who are suffering from any acute or chronic pain PhysioMedicine headed by Roza Ferenczi is definitely can do magic and wonders in your longterm agony. Now it's my turn to say "trust me" they are professional angels sent from heaven. To Roza, Gabi and of course the reception team thank you guys for your patience and support. God bless your team always. I wish you success in all your endeavour.