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Osteopathy at Physio-Medicine

 Osteopathy is a type of complementary and alternative medicine. Its practitioners claim that the wellbeing of an individual depends on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning smoothly together. Osteopaths practice a holistic approach to health care and receive special training in the musculoskeletal system. They believe that their treatments, which primarily consist of moving, stretching and massaging a person’s muscles and joints, help allow the body to heal itself.

The use of osteopathy is not always based on science, and there is limited evidence that osteopathy is effective in treating any medical condition other than lower back pain. In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence only recommend osteopathy for the treatment of persistent lower back pain. There is no good evidence that osteopathy is effective for non-musculoskeletal conditions and limited evidence that osteopathy is an effective treatment for neck pain, shoulder pain, or limb pain.